Energy Field: Wear and Care Class RECORDING

Energy Field: Wear and Care Class RECORDING

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Shop our Energy Field: Wear and Care Class recording. This is a powerful time for working proactively with your personal energy given all the power of the eclipses and just getting through your day to day life. This class gives you the tools to to move forward with more ease and grace. Think of it as an "instruction manual" for SELF.

In a world where we diligently follow "Wear & Care" instructions for our clothes, it's intriguing how little attention we pay to the maintenance of our personal energy fields, which are with us from birth. This class aims to bridge this gap by providing essential guidance on understanding, nurturing, and preserving our innate energy fields.

It's one thing to know we are beings with an electromagnetic energy field around us, but our bodies didn't come with instructions! 

We will be addressing:

  • Introduction to Your Energy Field
  • Energy Field Properties
  • Energy Relationships
  • Energy Vulnerabilities
  • Energy Clearing Techniques
  • Energy Boundaries
  • Energy Shielding 
This class is suitable for individuals of all backgrounds who are interested in enhancing their well-being and exploring holistic approaches to self-care. Whether you're new to the concept of energy fields or seeking to deepen your understanding, you'll find valuable insights and practical tools to support your journey.

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