One of the most beautiful things that has happened in my life is the amazing presence of Keeta who calls herself an 'angel/person/doggie'.  Keeta came to my best friend at a time when we were roommates.  She had been searching for the dog that she felt was 'the one'.  One day she spotted Keeta on a pet finder website and she showed me her picture saying, "I know this is her!"

Keeta channel

From that moment on Keeta has been a major relationship in my life.  I became her 'Bonus Momma.' She is always with one of us and has never been able to stay home alone.  It is too difficult for her to be separated from her persons. 

While I always felt a strong bond with Keeta, it wasn't until shortly after my NDE (near death experience) in early 2020, that suddenly I became 'tuned in' to 'Keeta radio' as I called it.  

My entire life, I have felt that I have had 5 channels running in my head at all times from Spirit and my Guides. Now, I hear Keeta and channel her voice directly when she speaks. 

I always knew she was special but we didn't realize just how special she truly was until one day she explained that she was not really just a dog.  She is an 'angel/person/doggie.'  Those are her words. She also explained that she is what is called an 'Adjacent.'

Keeta explained that Adjacents are a messenger division of the Angelic realm.  They incarnate into different animal bodies and become Spirit Guide Companions to their person. This is her first time in a doggie body so she is learning.  It is always fun to hear her explanations of her 'doggie body just taking over sometimes.' When she says that, she is referring to her dog body instincts taking over.

In the first several months I searched for references to 'Adjacents' on the web and in books.  I have yet to come across any additional information beyond what she describes to us. Over the past few years she has gone on to explain the heirarchy that she works within and how sometimes she gets to talk to the 'Big Guys' which we have understood to be the Archangels. She sometimes calls them by name. She particularly likes Archangel Michael and says he's the 'really big, Big Guy.' 

Recently, Keeta informed us that a huge portion of the Adjacent members were coming down now to incarnate in doggie bodies. This is because the time has come for the massive transformation that is the 5D Ascension and they are incarnating to be a major support team for those who are ascending. This was such exciting news to hear! At this time, Keeta is waiting for the puppies to be born and begin their journey to find their persons. 

Keeta is actively connected to the other side and channels information often, as well as delivers messages from those from our own lives who have crossed over. She has a very active and comical relationship with her momma's uncle who crossed several years ago, so we often hear stories from him.

At some point I will post a few recordings of her channeling.  You can certainly hear my voice change as she talks through me and we are working on writing a book to chronicle her story. Please stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Many blessings,