Mentoring With Jodie

At 5D Earth Speaks, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey into the realms of self-discovery and soul alignment. Guided by Jodie, our experienced mentor and intuitive guide, she offers soul readings and energy readings designed to illuminate your path and elevate your spiritual journey. Once you have had an initial reading with Jodie, you are eligible to sign up for monthly mentoring.

Intuitive Counselor Jodie Foster

Why Choose to Mentor with Jodie?

  • Intuitive Insights: Jodie brings four decades of experience working with  individuals. Her insights are not only rooted in wisdom but also tailored to meet you in an authentic and safe space.
  • Deep Inner Connection: Our mentoring sessions create a sacred space for deep inner connection. Jodie believes that true transformation arises from understanding and embracing your unique journey and connection to your Higher Self/Soul.
  • No Fixing or Healing—Just Guided Wisdom: She understand that you are not seeking to be 'fixed' or 'healed.' Instead, her mentoring focuses on guiding you in a profound way, allowing you to discover and fully embody your truth.

What to Expect:

  • Soul Readings: Unveil the mysteries of your soul through personalized soul readings. Jodie's intuitive abilities will provide you with deep insights into your spiritual path, purpose, and potential.
  • Energy Readings: Explore the energetic landscape of your being with our energy readings. Understand the subtle vibrations and forces that influence your life, and learn how to harness them for positive transformation.
  • Authentic Transformation Mentoring: Our mentoring goes beyond surface-level advice. Jodie strives for lasting, authentic transformation that resonates with your core being.

How It Works:

  • Book a Session: Choose from our available soul readings/energy readings.
  • Connect with Jodie: During the session, Jodie will create a space of trust and openness, allowing you to share your journey and concerns. Together you will decide if ongoing mentoring support is right for you.
  • Personalized Guidance: Benefit from her intuitive guidance, tailored to your unique energy and soul essence.
  • Post-Session Support: Our commitment doesn't end with the session. Jodie provides post-session support and resources to assist you on your ongoing journey.

Embark on Your Soul's Journey Today!

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning to explore the multidimensional realms, 5D Earth Speaks is here to guide you. Book a soul reading or energy reading session with Jodie and unlock the transformative power of personalized mentoring on your path to self-discovery. Your journey to 5D consciousness starts here.