Soul Threads Part #2:    Relationships Class


Think about how our lives today are part of a bigger story. We'll look into past lives to learn more about the patterns that shape our experiences. This will help us understand our relationships, challenges and what we're meant to do in life.

  • Recap of Understanding Soul Threads: Recap of the concept of soul threads as the energetic connections between individuals. 
  • The Tapestry of Relationships: Discussion on how each person's unique soul threads contribute to the overall design of the soul tapestry.  
  • Soul Threads and Relationship Dynamics: Exploration of how soul threads influence the dynamics within relationships. Recognizing the roles these threads play in shaping the nature of connections, whether they be family, romantic or friendships.  
  • Patterns from Past-Life Perspectives: Introduction to the idea that soul threads carry imprints from past lives. Discussion on how recognizing and understanding these patterns can bring depth and insight to current relationships.  
  • Recurring Themes and Lessons: Exploration of recurring themes and lessons carried through soul threads. Understanding that certain challenges or joys in relationships may echo patterns from previous lifetimes, offering opportunities for growth.  
  • Healing Through Soul Threads: Discussion on how awareness of soul threads can facilitate healing within relationships. Techniques for identifying and addressing unresolved issues or conflicts stemming from past-life connections.  
  • Karmic Relationships: Introduction to the concept of karmic relationships. Understanding that soul threads often carry karmic imprints, and how working through these imprints contributes to spiritual evolution.

Date: Tuesday, May 28th
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm ET 
Place: Zoom (also being recorded)
Cost: $88 per person
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Class being taught by Jodie Foster.  Bio listed below.
** If you have not taken the Introduction to Soul Threads & Past Lives Class, the video is available for purchase below. **




Intuitive Guide, Counselor, Soul Reader Jodie Foster Jodie Foster is an experienced and compassionate intuitive guide and counselor, who has been honing her abilities for over 35 years. Her inherent ability lies in reading soul threads, the intricate tapestry of energy and experiences that make up each individual's essence. Drawing upon her extensive experience and intuitive gifts along with a degree in psychology, she assists individuals in unraveling the threads of their soul's story. By tapping into the unseen realms and connecting with universal energies, she offers guidance that resonates at a profound level. Through sessions with her, you can expect to gain insight into your past, present and potential future, empowering you to make conscious choices aligned with your soul's highest purpose.  Read more about Soul Readings.